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Collaboration, Standardisation, Just make IT work!
Vixtro provides specialist support to not only our own customers, but also partners, to assist them with providing the following services to their customers.


Our staff have years of experience in the classroom as well as working with Principals, Technical and Teaching Staff and Students. We provide end-to-end solutions that meet the current demand and efficiently enable future growth as new technologies arise.

When tailoring solutions for schools, we take a "best practices" approach whilst keeping the solution realistic by taking into account any constraints, such as funding.


The equipment we use and recommend is so reliable that it is also depended upon by international businesses, banks, universities and government departments.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a major focus for Business and Educational environments. VIXTRO has presented at conferences on this topic, and can come up with a practical plan for your organisation to prepare for and implement BYOD.


Placing an emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality work, Vixtro and its partners can tailor a solution to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

Recent Updates
Vixtro has developed innovative and responsible business approaches to deliver Ringwood Secondary College forward looking ICT solutions. It ensures that student learning capabilities are enhanced, as we develop a 21st century learning environment."
-- Michael Phillips, Principal
-- Ringwood Secondary College
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