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Imagine that a new employee has joined your organisation. Within minutes of them being entered into HR, they have a login account, email address, and secured network folder, all ready to go - all of this has taken place before they've reached their desk.

Sound impossible? Let DMS+AID make this dream a reality, turning what has traditionally been a mundane, painful experience for IT support & the new employee, into an automated, efficient process.

DMS+AID simplifies management across:
  • Email - Microsoft Exchange
  • Files & Folders - Microsoft Windows Server
  • Accounts - Microsoft Active Directory
DMS+AID utilises a workflow-style method of operation. Workflows, also known as TaskSets, are a configurable list of actions that DMS+AID will perform in order to meet any requirements that an organisation wishes to put in place.

PDF: DMS+AID Overview for CIOs, IT and Network Managers

How much time will I save?

The more that DMS+AID manages for you, the greater the saving. How long do you spend managing your directory system, file structures and email systems?
DMS+AID performs actions in a fraction of the time taken to perform the same action manually, and eliminates the need for manual script modification, which eats up even more valuable time.

The image below depicts the typical length of time taken for DMS+AID to perform configured tasks on a medium-size network. **

** This example consisted of 2000 brand new Active Directory user accounts with appropriate group membership, each with a corresponding Exchange mailbox, and a home folder located on a shared fileserver. The average time saving across tasks such as these, in this case, comes to around 90 seconds per user - that's a huge saving of 50 hours if this was to be performed manually!

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